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To Order any of the items below contact via email




Stubbie Holders - for beer on the run - don't leave home without 'em $7.00

Coffee Mugs - Dark Green, with leaping Jaguar $12.00

Round Cloth Badge - HRJDC - for clothes, picnic rugs, tablecloths, the possibilities are endless $5.00

Keyring - HRJDC badge - got a car? get a keyring $6.00

Metal Grill Badge - HRJDC - wear your club's name with pride on your pride and joy $25.00

Sticker Circular $5.00

Sticker Square $5.00

Fleece Vest - Jaguar logo on front, and large Leaper on back - Full Length zip


Fleece pullover - Jaguar logo on front, and large Leaper on back - Full Length zip


Tshirt.jpg (93416 bytes) Polo T Shirt with pocket $45.00
     Jacket with screen printed logo $75.00
  Cap.jpg (17440 bytes) Cap $15.00

Fleece beanie with Leaping Jaguar logo $15.00

Detail - embroidered large leaper - looks good, doesn't it? N/A

Leopard print scarf (brown or Grey) $10.00

Club Scarf $15.00

Hand Towel $12.00


Two person picnic set with cooler section $30.00
Umbrella $30.00
Windscreen Sash $30.00

Discontinued Regalia

Tall tumbler with Gold Leaping Jaguar - great for those long cold drinks on long hot days $6.00
Dimple Beer Mug - the perfect size for a thirsty workshop session $9.00
Crystal Wine Flute with embossed HRJDC Badge - no Jag run is complete without a couple of these $10.00

Spoon in display case, HRJDC Badge - if you really have to drink tea instead $7.00