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Rally 1.jpg (506846 bytes)

The E type Convoy arrives in Canberra

Rally 3.jpg (639824 bytes)

"Lucky my hard top is blue or  I would never find it"

Rally 4.jpg (627430 bytes)

XK 120

 Rally 6.jpg (782772 bytes)

Replica D Type

Rally 5.jpg (469745 bytes)

Mk2 in good company

Rally 7.jpg (518354 bytes)

Harvey Birtwhistles X300 - Gold Award

Rally 2.jpg (590770 bytes)

Concours preparation

Rally 8.jpg (564475 bytes)

Not all Jaguars where on display, this MK9 was on wedding duty nearby.

Setting off to meet the Convoy from Sydney

Rally 9.jpg (408077 bytes)

Short Row of large saloons


Sporting Event Sutton Park    

    Rally 10.jpg (482738 bytes)

A wide range of vehicles took part


Rally 15.jpg (365202 bytes)

Not quite what you expect to see on the track

Rally 12.jpg (365327 bytes)

         Nicole ready for action

Rally 13.jpg (413019 bytes)

Nicole First Place in Group D and Equal First overall

Rally 14.jpg (453246 bytes)

On the Start line

Rally 11.jpg (307730 bytes)

Too much speed into the finish

Rally 17.jpg (199648 bytes)

Normally a view of the car park from your hotel balcony would be a disappointment