Display Day 2009
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P1090125.JPG (235052 bytes)

Norm Crowfoot's beautiful 420G,  a stunning example, why not make him an offer?

P1090107.jpg (309227 bytes)

MK IX, XK120 and Series 2 E type.

P1090119.JPG (369901 bytes)

XK120 Open two seater

P1090114.JPG (314810 bytes)

Terry Hardiman of the Central Coast British Car club won the "Best British Car" trophy with his 1971Series 2 E-type

P1090129.JPG (244048 bytes)

Alistair McIlroy won the "JDCHR Best Car" Trophy with his immaculate Daimler 250.

P1090160.jpg (307839 bytes)

Newcastle city made the perfect back drop for the display.

P1090111.jpg (371309 bytes)

Jaguar based Kougar special

P1090167.JPG (204929 bytes)

Ian and Mary count the votes for best JDCHR car and Best British car.

P1090164.jpg (191315 bytes)

A perfect mid winter day, clear blue skies and a suspiciously blue lake.

P1090149.JPG (327474 bytes)


P1090155.JPG (272701 bytes)

Steve and Leyland discussing MK2 ownership

P1090166.JPG (190735 bytes)

A 240 with 4.2 litre engine makes interesting viewing.


P1090147.JPG (244782 bytes)     P1090165.JPG (213667 bytes)

                  XK150 and XK140 -  A nice pair                       Leyland and Grandson Daniel relax next to Leyland's beautiful 240


DSC09170.JPG (136739 bytes)

John setting up the area in the early morning Sunshine

R0011490.JPG (177202 bytes)

A row of XJ's new and old

DSC09169.JPG (267526 bytes)

Ian's XJS - The first car in position

display day 006 h.jpg (166177 bytes)

Terry Hardiman of the Central Coast British Car club won the "Best British Car" trophy presented by Ian Hissey

display day 006 d.jpg (206931 bytes)

Alistair McIlroy won the "JDCHR Best Car" Trophy.

DSC09242.JPG (155186 bytes)

Pauline Wilson with Series 2 XJ6.

88530002.jpg (237485 bytes)

Phil's X Type

R0011458.JPG (206466 bytes)

A pair of X types

DSC09214.JPG (307479 bytes)

John and Angela enjoying the winter sun

DSC09183.JPG (213050 bytes)

Pauline and Mary looking after regalia Sales

DSC09228.JPG (177849 bytes) The MG Car Club's display

R0011467.JPG (250695 bytes)

Tiny Gogomobile


DSC09203.JPG (229246 bytes)     R0011450.JPG (150461 bytes)

        Rover club Display                                                                       John's XJS

R0011464.JPG (148494 bytes)     R0011466.JPG (241438 bytes)

Triumph Club Display