Technical day SU Pumps
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Technical day at the Lilly Residence

Image2.jpg (61611 bytes)A good turnout of sixteen members made there way to the Lillyís for the technical day. The day started with morning tea, which I think could have lasted all day, however Peter dragged the guys away in order to make a start on the technical aspect of the day. I for one could have happily kicked back in the sun content with my minimal knowledge of SU pumps. However that was not to be, whilst theImage1.jpg (97615 bytes) girls chatted on the veranda, the ten guys gathered around a work bench in Steve Lilly's spacious shed. Peter Dwyer has acquired an extensive knowledge of SU fuel pumps over the years and he spoke at length describing there operation and repair techniques.  Many old broken SU pumps where available to fiddle with a testament to how unreliable they are. Unfortunately the Lilly's shed had many other interesting things to investigate and Peter had trouble keeping the students focused on the pumps. However I think everybody enjoyed the day and we all would have learnt something that may one day save us from being stuck by the road. The general consensus was to carry a modern electric fuel pump as a spare!

Technical day.jpg (124116 bytes)A Barbeque lunch followed, and Roynne Lilly provided a huge spread of cakes for dessert. We never did return to the shed to get those old fuel pumps working but we know knew that we had the knowledge should we ever need to!

Iím sure everybody would agree that we had a good day and would join me in thanking Steve and Robynne Lilly for there hospitality and Peter Dwyer for the technical info.

Andrew Haigh