National Rally Adelaide 07
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Getting There

Saturday 31st March004_-_Outside_Dubbo_Motel.JPG (122488 bytes) - Dubbo

Graeme and I were all packed up waiting at the corner of Mitchell Line and Jerry’s Plains road at 10.00am for the Newcastle members (consisting of Robyn and Richard Lynch, Peter Dwyer, Nicole and Andrew Haigh, Robyn and Steve Lilly, Sue and John McAlpine) to arrive at 10.30am. When they arrived we motored onto Jerry’s Plains for morning tea in the park. We left at 11:25am heading towards Merriwa where we stopped for lunch and met up with Jan, April and Ian Hissey. At 1.30pm we were off again for Dubbo where we stayed the night arriving at 3.40pm. The motel was very nice and some of us went for a quick stroll around the streets before heading to the Bowling Club for dinner.

012_-_Trangie.jpg (226542 bytes)

Graeme and I wanted to call at Trangie to see Stewart and Rachel (ex members of the club) so when we got talking Ian said there was a guy who lived there who bought Greg Jones' XJS so we rang Stewart to arrange a meet and suggested we have a morning tea break at their home and the rest of the crew come too.



Sunday  1st April -  Cobar

007_-_Trangie_-_John_in_a_Jensen.JPG (206551 bytes)At 9.15am we departed  and headed for Trangie 028_-_Bomber_Moxham.JPG (85135 bytes) with us in the lead arriving at 10.15am and decided to take them up through the town and show them where Stewart, Rachel and the kids go to school. When we turned the corner of their street ahead of us was a car display of Jensens, Jaguars, a Mini Cooper S (Don Ways ex car), an MG, Austin Healeys and an A90 as well as members of the local Car Club with a delicious morning tea on the verandah. The boys were in their element at such a display and it took a while to get them moving. Finally leaving at 11.40am and travelling towards Nyngan, we stopped at a large rural property where another member called Bomber resided and he showed us his E Type 3.8 litre Coupe 1963 and XK120 Roadster which this also delighted the boys. From here we then stopped at Nyngan at 1.15pm for lunch in the park.022_-_Bomber_Moxhams_place.jpg (227497 bytes) 

We were just about to depart when Andrew lifted his bonnet and John, Peter, Ian and Steve went over to see what047_-_Cobar_-_Shop.JPG (148826 bytes) was happening, with everything ok we headed off at 2.00pm for Cobar arriving at 3.30pm. After booking into our motel we strolled over to the Museum.  Then Richard and Robyn in their car and Andrew, Nicole and I in the MK9, in which I felt like Queen Mary in the back, went to the lookout overlooking the mine. The view was quite impressive looking down on the entrance to the mine. Back to the motel we then strolled over to the RSL for dinner where we were wondering if we could get days like we had today which was very eventful.042a_-_Cobar_-_Sunrise.JPG (70606 bytes)


The unexpected things are often the most enjoyable, It was a pleasure to be welcomed by such friendly members of the Trangie Club. Hopefully we can repay their gesture in the future. Some of us were up early enough for a walk around the town of Cobar, we were rewarded with a spectacular sunrise over the old mining equipment.




Monday 2nd April - White Cliffs

063_-_White_Cliffs_-_Underground_Motel.JPG (157187 bytes)050_-_White_Cliffs_-_Solar_Power_Station.JPG (111844 bytes)We were waiting in front of the motel for the others to appear before heading off at 9.05am. The road was so straight with little hills and we were watching for wildlife and goats on the side of the road. We had morning tea at Emmdale Roadhouse at 10.45am then headed to Wilcannia arriving at 12.20, where we continued straight through. The land was like a desert, very dry and very flat as far as you could see. We arrived at White Cliffs at 1.15pm and parked the cars under cover while we had lunch and registered. The motel is quite different, as it is underground but it was very well lit up and we had maps to show us to our rooms, bathrooms and dining room. Steve, Robynne, April, Graeme and I travelled together back down to the little town and walked around sight seeing. 

069a_-_White_Cliffs_-_Sunrise.jpg (137367 bytes)064_-_White_Cliffs_-_Underground_Motel.JPG (131520 bytes)First we saw the dirt tennis court with the net laying on the ground and the broken racquet and ball around the court. Then the dirt golf course with a rubber mat used to tee off. From here we went to Jocks Place for a underground tour of an opal mine where he lives. He was yelling at us while he spoke and didn’t draw breath and when we drove back up to the main road I spotted John at the local hotel so we joined all for a drink and a laugh before heading back to the motel. After a rest we then went to the dining room for a 3 course meal which was delicious and then retired for the night.


062_-_White_Cliffs_area.JPG (225462 bytes)

After a tour of the Solar Power station we set off to explore the opal digging area to the north of the town. Then further north to check out the towns water supply. The Mk IX doesn't get to go off road that often and looked quite striking in the late afternoon sun.




Tuesday 3rd April - Broken Hill

078_-_Wilcannia.JPG (216779 bytes)Alarm off at 7.00am, we headed down to the dining room for a cooked breakfast before heading off at 8.40am. Andrew (Mc Duff) is leading the way back to Wilcannia for petrol. The lady serving petrol obviously hadn’t seen Jaguars or  maybe not so many at one time so she 082_-_Silverton_-_Peter_Browne_Beetle.JPG (239076 bytes)took photos before we left. Next stop was Little Topar Roadhouse for morning tea. Departing at 11.40am and heading towards Broken Hill, arriving 12.30pm. After booking in at the Caravan Park where we were to stay in cabins, we had lunch at Andrew and Nicole’s cabin. After lunch Richard and Robyn toured the city taking in a lot of churches. The Hisseys also went their own way and the rest of us (Peter went with John and Sue, Graeme and I went with Steve and Robynne and Andrew and Nicole on their own) went to Silverton for a look around the what there was of the town and saw where Mad Max II was made.088_-_Silverton_-_outside_Pub.JPG (142726 bytes)

 From here we went back into town and visited the Pro Hart Gallery then to John Keenan Lookout. From here the others made their way around the city and we went to Woolworths to stock up again, then off we went past the railway station where we saw the Indian Pacific train pulled in at the station. Then we headed back to the caravan park. We went to dinner at the Democratic Club then retired for the night.




098_-_Broken_Hill_-_a_Pro_Hart_Rolls_Royce.JPG (123522 bytes)093_-_Silverton.JPG (187648 bytes)

It was my second visit to Pro Harts Gallery, last time he was stood out the front polishing his Rolls Royces and signing autographs.




Wednesday 4th April - Barossa Valley

Some of the others met up with Lindsay Smith before leaving the park at 8.00am. The Hisseys said their goodbyes as they were going straight to Adelaide. All filled up with petrol and we were ready to leave at 8.25am. Now we have 6 cars in tow. About 9.00am we went across the border (our first time so this was exciting) and we stopped for morning tea at 10.30 at Yunta and departed at 10.55am.113_-_Barossa_Valley_Resort.JPG (74893 bytes)

Not sure where we were, but we were standing near a gallery on the side of a hill overlooking a town when John looked to the hills and commented about the trees looking like Indians waiting to attack just like in the western movies.

We went through a fruit and vegetable checkpoint where we had to declare them. We all got through but Peter had to pass up his capsicum, onion, carrot but he could keep his lettuce. We arrived at Burra for lunch at 12.20pm. We then took a stroll down the main street before heading off at 2.00pm.

IMG_3542.JPG (187860 bytes)Turning off in Saddleworth heading for Kapunda, Greenock, Nuriootpa and Tanunda. This was a pretty drive passing all the vineyards which was what I wanted to see and arriving at the Novatel Resort around 4.00pm. We could see another vineyard looking out our room window. There was wine tasting at 5.00pm which the girls went too while the boys were assisting Andrew under the front wheel with a dried up bearing. While wine tasting we met up with Denis and Fran who were also staying at the Novatel. At 6.30pm we all went for dinner which was a bit expensive but at least we didn’t have to drive back to the town. Afterwards some of the members met at Robyn and Richards’s room for a nightcap.


Thursday 5th April - Glenelg

116_-_Wispering_Wall.JPG (239305 bytes)Up at a leisurely time and taking in the views and walks around the resort everybody117_-_Birdwood_-_Australian_Motor_Museum.JPG (151121 bytes) was heading in different directions to get to Adelaide. We (Peter, Sue, John, Nicole, Andrew, Graeme and I) waited for Andrew to repair his bearing and departed the resort going through Lyndoch to the Whispering Wall which Ian Hissey’s grandfather built. This was amazing. Standing at one end of the dam wall you could hear every word that people said at the other end without them shouting. We were about to leave when the Lilley’s arrived. We then travelled to Williamstown and onto Birdwood arriving at 12.15pm where we had lunch then went across to the Museum. Silly me dropped my camera while walking around and bent the lenses. I was so upset as the trip had barely begun and there was plenty more to see so I bought a disposable one and met up with Robynne and Steve who came back to the Museum with me and caught up with Graeme and I showed him what I’d done. What a great guy as he mended my camera and I was able to go photo shooting again. We then left around 3.00pm.

We then drove into Adelaide, to a suburb called Hilton. Graeme and I had our little Navman Lady and got us to the address where Andrew was purchasing some bearings. By this time it was 4.40pm and we waited while Andrew and John had to go to another location to get them. We then headed on our way to the Motel at Glenelg with the help of our little Navman lady and we arrived around 6.00pm. We said quick hello to the others who arrived earlier, unpacked and headed for the bistro at the motel around 7.00pm where we caught up with Brian who had flown down.

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