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Display Day Flagstaff Hill March 30th
Image2.jpg (554926 bytes)

C type Replica

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D Type

Image4.jpg (336690 bytes)

Jaguar D Type Interior

Image1.jpg (388579 bytes)

The drive to Wollongong

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The New F Type

Image6.jpg (411375 bytes)

F Type Interior

Image14.jpg (217320 bytes)

Plenty of E Types

Image10.jpg (280178 bytes)

and Mk2s

Image19.jpg (503261 bytes)

Plus quite a few older models

Image15.jpg (557785 bytes) Image16.jpg (486586 bytes) Image17.jpg (472016 bytes)

XKSS Replica Interior

Image11.jpg (712538 bytes)

Stunning XK140

Image21.jpg (285527 bytes) Image22.jpg (559670 bytes)

C and D Types displayed in hotel foyer

Concours Event
Image13.jpg (623351 bytes)

Replica C type in the Concours d'Etat

Image7.jpg (315212 bytes)

Final Polish before judging

Image12.jpg (465930 bytes)

Body work inspection

Sporting Event
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Image32.jpg (254898 bytes) Image33.jpg (325472 bytes)

Andrew Point in his XJS

Image23.jpg (481340 bytes)

giving it a bit too much

Image28.jpg (403799 bytes)

Liam in the V12 XJS

Image27.jpg (245311 bytes) Image34.jpg (274029 bytes)
Image31.jpg (202497 bytes) Image29.jpg (405068 bytes)
Image25.jpg (378637 bytes)

Free entertainment for the spectators

Image26.jpg (361431 bytes)

Pinball wizards? 

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Multitasking: Drink Coffee, eat hot cross bun,


play Space Invaders.