2016 Mulla Villa
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The MK IX in Wollombi

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Mulla VIlla Convict tour

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Two XJs in Wollombi

The property was originally owned by David Dunlop, a police magistrate from Sydney who employed convict labour to build the property. From his position as magistrate, Dunlop was assigned convict servants who were confined to cells underneath the house of an evening. The current owners the Spencers have now opened these cells to visitors, which still contain some of the original equipment used around the property in the 1830s.

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Wollombi General Store

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Brian cooks Marshmallow dessert

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Wollombi General Store

We enjoyed a two course meal followed by coffee and marshmallows cooked on the open fire. Then we had an informative guided tour of the property. The more adventurous folk walked to the cave and the convict bridge.
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The cave above Mulla Villa

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Convict Bridge