Forbes June 2009
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Lithgow - Cowra - Forbes - Wellington June Long Weekend 2009

Saturday 13th June 2009


IMGP7147.jpg (127290 bytes)The first stop for the weekend was at Windsor, something we will not be repeating as the pleasant park had no toilet facilities. 

IMGP7151.jpg (132903 bytes)We had planned to have lunch at Bathurst but our leisurely pace only got us to Lithgow which proved to be rather cold and uninviting, that was until we teed up an unscheduled visit to Michael Palmers place. 


IMGP7154.jpg (148404 bytes)


Last time we visited He told us about how he was going to build a shed in the backyard. Well that shed is now complete and what a shed it is! Sadly our time was very limited, just long enough for the fellas to  become very jealous of an incredible set up. I reminded Nicole how lucky she was that I only had two Jaguars. 





Imgp2836.jpg (108561 bytes)IMGP7165.jpg (115650 bytes)

Next Stop Mt Panorama. When was the last time there where this many Jags on the start line? It is many years since I have driven round the track, I had forgotten just how tight those corners are.




IMGP7176.jpg (170201 bytes)IMGP7180.jpg (109097 bytes)

Finally we arrived in Cowra, several hours behind schedule. The Japanese gardens would have to wait until the morning.




IMGP7178.jpg (166111 bytes)


Sunday morning and the weather looked very threatening with rain forecast for the day ahead. Fortunately however the rain stayed away long enough to explore the gardens.


IMGP7182.jpg (196776 bytes)


I am not a great lover of gardens, but the audio commentary made these compact gardens much more interesting and gave a real insight into the thought process behind the design of Japanese gardens.

  IMGP7195.jpg (131990 bytes)



View over Cowra from the lookout.






IMGP7203.jpg (143853 bytes)

After driving through some fairly heavy rain we arrived at Forbes in time for lunch at the Mc Feeters Car Museum. This Museum only open a few months ago. 

IMGP7204.jpg (144957 bytes)The Mc Feeters Website quotes - "Located on the Newell Highway at Forbes NSW is a stunning new facility purpose built for displaying a vast collection of meticulously restored motor cars. Cars range from veterans to custom cars, rare, common and just down right bizarre."

IMGP7215.jpg (169688 bytes)

IMGP7209.jpg (159727 bytes)The Majority of the collection is owned by the McFeeter family, they are housed in a brand new purpose built facility complete with shop and restaurant.  They certainly do have some very unusual vehicles. 



IMGP7207.jpg (103964 bytes)

 Graham says he is looking for something a little bit older than his MK2. He certainly looks the part but would Victoria approve of this purchase?

IMGP7211.jpg (132076 bytes)





Ford A model Speedster from 1929


IMGP7223.jpg (143907 bytes)  



Jaguar E type - looks good from any angle.





IMGP7226.JPG (87986 bytes)


No time to stop in Parkes on this trip, but we grab a distant view of "The Dish". I think this would make an interesting place to visit on our next trip out west.




Wellington - Home

IMGP2858.jpg (83561 bytes)


We spent Sunday night in Wellington before heading for home on Monday morning. First stop was the historic town of Gulgong. We had been invited to have lunch at Paul's property near Merriwa. Fortunately the rain eased as we neared the coast and Paul gave us a very interesting tour of the farm.




IMGP7233.JPG (337049 bytes)

Coxs in their XJ40

   IMGP7235.JPG (440768 bytes)

Merrywethers in MK2

IMGP7238.jpg (65556 bytes)

Lillys in Series 3 Etype

IMGP7247.jpg (172209 bytes)



    IMGP2867.jpg (146621 bytes)

A change from Jaguar comfort!

IMGP7249.jpg (95057 bytes)