Bowls Day 2007
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Bowls Day 6-May-2007


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Take an absolutely beautiful Sunday morning and enthusiasts who wanted a new sporting experience in Lawn Bowls.

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Simply a recipe for "Magic".

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From a few initial hesitant rolls of the bowls up the rink, there developed a quality of expertise only to be imagined from these aspiring champions.

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On shots, nothing short of brilliant, scuttled the head.

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Nothing became too difficult for them. Bowls touched the jack. Shots sat on the kitty.

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Competition ran rife.

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Thoughts of skulduggery emerged on how to win that elusive end and magnify the score to advantage.

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Later exaggerated tales of ability and prowess were only partially silenced by quality dining at the Wests Food Court.

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When is it going to be on again?