25th Anniversary
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Silver Jubilee Dinner Saturday 31st May 2008

Alan.jpg (127855 bytes)

Allan Starrett took the role of MC for the evening.

Mary.jpg (244220 bytes)

Mary Cox read apologies from those who where unable to attend

Tony.jpg (103046 bytes)

Tony Herald gave an overview of the formation and early years of the JDCHR

Peter.jpg (176598 bytes)

Peter Dwyer thanked Tony for an interesting speech

Chris.jpg (174916 bytes)

Chris Haigh spoke about the relationship between the JDCA and the JDCHR and recounted several stories from just a few of the Jaguars he has owned.

Richard.jpg (140410 bytes)

Richard Lynch thanked Chris Haigh for speaking at our dinner.

Jan.jpg (286142 bytes)

Jan Grabowski receiving his 25 year badge

TonyFounder.jpg (172116 bytes)

Tony Herald receiving his 'Founding Member' award

Roy.jpg (222907 bytes)

Roy Hart receiving his 'Founding Member' award

Raffle.jpg (144652 bytes)

Allan reads out the raffle numbers whilst Pauline Wilson and Robynne Lilly hand out the prizes

Liam.jpg (179691 bytes)

Lucky Liam has a winning ticket

Auction.jpg (190830 bytes)

Ian Hissey holds aloft a singed print donated by Garry Morris that was put up for auction. Darren Burgess fended off some ferocious bidding to take it home.

Regalia.jpg (149178 bytes)

A fine display of JDCHR Regalia

Presidents.jpg (206601 bytes)

Eight club presidents were in attendance; Ian Hissey, Darren Burgess, Peter Dwyer, Tony Herald, John Mc Alpine, Roy Hart, Richard Lynch & Brian Vitnell (Not in photo)

CutCake.jpg (214067 bytes)

Tony, Mary and Roy Cut the cake

Room2.jpg (170513 bytes)

Over seventy members past and present attended

Brian.jpg (102008 bytes)

Brian Todd, president of the JDCA invited all Club members to the JDCA Display day at the All British Day

Room1.jpg (156303 bytes)

Past and Present banners decorated the venue


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