2017 Wellington Weekend
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Several times in the past, in our Club journeys to Rallies, air shows etc, we had passed through Wellington NSW, often having morning tea in the riverside park. On one occasion, we stopped overnight. Twice that I can recall, when we were in Wellington, we were spontaneously visited by local classic car owners who had heard we were there. Then last year, we invited their club, the Wellington Antique Motor Club, to our All British Display Day, and they attended with a nice group of British cars. It seemed only fitting then, that we decided to pay them a proper visit. A speculative email in January to our contact in their club, Peter Colwell, received an enthusiastic response, so we locked in the date. But we were totally unprepared for the extent of their hospitality. Not only did they suggest a program of worthwhile things to do and see in their town and neighbouring Dubbo, they accompanied us. They showed us around. They shared evening meals with us. Various members of their club devoted most of their weekend to our visit. What great hosts—especially given (as I observed when presenting a JDCHR cap and key ring to Peter and to his President John Edwards) we had actually invited ourselves!
14a Lake Burendong.jpg (593489 bytes)

MK IX at Lake Burrendong

08a Cathedral Cave - Wellingotn Caves.JPG (655819 bytes)

Cathedral Cave

06 Cathedral Cave - Wellingotn Caves .JPG (658723 bytes)

Cathedral Cave


02a Gulgong.JPG (446898 bytes) 22 Lion of Waterloo pub - Wellington.JPG (327118 bytes)

Lunch at Gulgong                                                                                                     Lion of Waterloo pub - Wellington

12 xk140.jpg (868446 bytes)


01 Gulgong.JPG (520501 bytes)

An oil leak - Surely not!

28 Dubbo Zoo carpark.JPG (1007501 bytes)


On the Saturday, we visited Wellington Caves and had a tour of the Cathedral Cave followed by a relaxed coffee in the grounds, with time to inspect some very interesting and varied cars brought along by the local members. Our now enlarged fleet then proceeded to Lake Burrendong, where, against a backdrop of a gorgeous view over the lake, we had a light cafe lunch. Another shared dinner followed, this time at the Cow & Calf Hotel.
05 Wellingotn Caves carpark.JPG (642918 bytes)

Les Langbein's 1964 Cooper 998, next to a MK IX

17 Fern Gully - Arboretum.JPG (1224122 bytes)

Burrendong Botanic Garden and Arboretum

11 Lake Burendong.JPG (528548 bytes)

Lake Burrendong


60 gull-wing Merc - Mark Nugents workshop.jpg (520227 bytes) 56 gull-wing Merc - Mark Nugents workshop.jpg (634439 bytes) 61 gull-wing Merc - Mark Nugents workshop.jpg (661032 bytes)
58 gull-wing Merc - Mark Nugents workshop.jpg (652240 bytes)

Gullwing Mercedes Replica

59 Bentley - Mark Nugents workshop.jpg (685971 bytes)


57 gull-wing Merc - Mark Nugents workshop.jpg (631215 bytes)

Mercedes engine bay

Sunday involved a leisurely start with a drive to Dubbo zoo, where once again we were met by Wellington people, as well as some new faces and beautiful an interesting cars, from the Dubbo Antique Motor Club. After morning tea in the sun at the Zoo cafe, a driving tour of the zoo (in our own cars) allowed each of us to go at our own pace and see the parts that interested us
54 Sumatran Tiger.JPG (768302 bytes)

Sumatran Tiger

45 baby Hippo.JPG (866327 bytes)

Baby Hippo

78 Asian Elephant + calf.JPG (862973 bytes)

Asian Elephant + calf

103 Galapagos Tortoise.JPG (880318 bytes)

Galapagos Tortoise

33 Meerkat.jpg (1548388 bytes)


43 Hippo.JPG (1109874 bytes)


74 Cheetah cubs.JPG (946510 bytes)

Cheetah Cubs

96 Siamang Ape.JPG (607196 bytes)

Siamang Ape

75 Cheetah.JPG (413233 bytes)


85 baby Greater One-horned Rhino.JPG (628189 bytes)

Baby Greater One-horned Rhino

100 Sumatran Tiger.JPG (550266 bytes)

Sumatran Tiger