XJ Salons
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XJ Series 1  (1968-1973 )

Declared car of the year on its release the XJ6 was mechanically very similar to the sixties saloons that it replaced, but the body was all new. The 420G, 420, S type and MK2 where all replaced by this one mid sized vehicle. Jaguar has produced yet another classic that would be still produced 24 years later.

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XJ Series 2  (1973-1979 )

Series 2 cars where designed to meet US federal safety standards. The bumper was raised making the grille far narrower. The interior was modernised by moving all the controls to in front of the driver


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XJ Series 3  (1979-1986 )

Jaguar turned to Pininfarina to refine the XJ in to the series 3, the result was a flatter roof line, more rear headroom and more glass.  The grille was simplified to have only vertical bars and bumpers became moulded rubber. The engine was still the old XK twin cam from 1948 but with fuel injection. 

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XJC Series 2  (1974-1978 )

These coupes where built on the short wheelbase platform. The roof was always covered in vinyl to hide a nasty weld on the C pillar. Early deliveries where held up whilst Jaguar sorted out problems with the electric mechanism that lowered the rear side windows.


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