The XKs
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XK120a.jpg (37745 bytes)

Aluminium XK120 1948

The early XK120s where built with aluminium bodies. They all have separate chrome plated parking lights on the front wings and have straight windscreen pillars. The famous XK Twin cam engine first appeared in the XK120 in 3.4 litre form developing 160 HP.

XK120b.jpg (30334 bytes)

XK120 OTS (Open Two Seater 1948- 1954)

The XK120 was announced at the 1948 London Motor Show. Regarded as one of Lyons finest designs the car took the post war world by storm. 

XK120c.jpg (30464 bytes)

XK120 FHC (Fixed Head Coupe 1951- 1954)
The FHC allowed wind up windows and offered a wood trimmed interior

XK120d.jpg (40881 bytes)

XK120 DHC (Drop Head Couple 1953-1954)
Finally a DHC was added to the XK120 range. The car used the same doors as the FHC. Again the interior was wood trimmed and was quite luxurious compared to the OTS. THE DHC is by far the rarest of the XK120 with only 1769 cars being produced.

XK140a.jpg (350380 bytes)

XK140 OTS (1954-1957)

Identical in Shape to the XK120 this model was fitted with much larger full width bumpers. The engine power was increased to 190 HP.

XK140b.jpg (47237 bytes)


The 140 coupe became a true 2+2. The larger roof, although not as stylish as the 120, allowed enough space for a small rear seat for two children.

XK140c.jpg (24566 bytes)


The DHC again got the full wood treatment. Note the thick windscreen pillars and wind up windows which easily identify the car from the OTS

XK150b.jpg (39188 bytes)

XK150 FHC (1957-1960)

Although the chassis remained the same the XK150 boasted a significantly larger interior, due to narrower doors. The bonnet and grill where also widened. Four wheel disc brakes where fitted as standard to nearly all XK150s.

XK150d.jpg (124579 bytes)


During the production of the 150's the larger 3.8 litre engine capacity was introduced offering 220 HP

XK150c.jpg (52665 bytes)

XK150 OTS (1958-1960)

Initially the 150 was not offered as an OTS but demand was finally answered in 1958. It became the first Jaguar roadster to have wind up windows. The OTS had a much shorter cockpit than the DHC, the rear deck extending almost to the back of the seats.

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