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One off Jaguar Specials

Series1XJC.jpg (168912 bytes)

XJ6 Series 1 Coupe

Factory prototype Series 1 Coupe. Currently in Western Australia.


XK7.jpg (90731 bytes)

XK7  (Completed 2005)

A two door version of a MK 7. This MK7 based special is 2 feet shorter and 1 foot lower than the original car.

Binalong.jpg (134149 bytes)

Binalong Special (Completed 1993)

Built on a Jenson chassis frame as used in the CV8 and Interceptor from 1961. It uses Jaguar MK2 Front and e type independent rear suspension. The engine is  an early carburettored Jaguar 5.3 litre V12 but fitted with a supercharger and coupled to a Borg Warner automatic gearbox.

Mk1Conv.jpg (102273 bytes)

MK1 Convertible

This MK1 has been converted to a two door convertible. The running gear has also been converted to Jaguar S type including the independent rear suspension. However the MK1 interior remains.

Byfield Special.jpg (77092 bytes)

XJS Byfield Special

Byfield1.jpg (53746 bytes)      Byfield2.jpg (156932 bytes)

MK2Ute.jpg (141982 bytes)

MK2 Ute

MK2 Ute built by Thomas Jag and Mechanical. Newcastle.

XJUte.jpg (630688 bytes)

XJ6 Ute

XJ6 Series 1 Ute Special. (Let me know if you have any details regarding this car)


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