Racing Jaguars
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C Type  (1951- 1953)

The C type was created especially to compete at Le Mans in 1951. The body was designed by Malcolm Sayer. The engine and front suspension were from the XK120 but the rear suspension was a new single transverse torsion bar design. The engine was modified to produce 210 hp and a 40 gallon fuel tank was fitted. Three cars entered the 1951 endurance race, two retired but the third driven by Peter Whitehead and Peter Walker went on to win. (Total 53 cars built).

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D Type (1954-1957)

The XK engine and rear suspension carried over from the successfull C type, however everything else was new. The central part of the vehicle was an aluminium monocoque. Bolted to the fire wall was a tubular subframe that carried the front suspension. The top speed was over 170 mph. The car was hugely successfull at Le Mans finishing second in 1954 and winning in 55,56 and 57. (Total 71 cars built).


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Jaguar had trouble selling the last few D Types,  so in 1957 they converted the remaining models into touring road cars. They were fitted with full windscreens, hoods and luggage racks. (Total 16 cars built)

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XJ13  (1965-1967 )

The XJ13 was jaguars first and only mid-engined car. It was built for Le Mans in the mid sixties. Powered by a 500 hp four cam 5 litre V12 fitted with fuel injection. Sadly the car was not ready for testing until 1967 due to lack of development funds. Rule changes for 1968 meant that the car never raced. The car was later used in a film to promote the V12 series 3 E type. Unfortunately during  filming a rear wheel collapsed causing  major damage to the car the driver Norman Dewis was lucky to walk away. The car was eventually rebuilt and still exists as a show car.

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