Pre XK Engine
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SS1 and SS2

October 1931 saw the introduction of the first SS car the S.S.1. Over the next 5 years the range grew to include a fixed head coupe, a saloon, Tourer, Airline, Drophead and finally the SS90.

In1935  the name Jaguar was added and range became known as "S.S. Jaguars". Along side the S.S.1 was a smaller entry level range the SS2 based on Standards "Little Nine" Chassis and an 1100cc engine.


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SS Jaguar Tourer

The Tourer offered seating for four, later models where fitted with a six cylinder  2.5 litre OHV engine with twin carburettors and produced 103 hp. 1.5 and 3.5 litre versions were also available. The latter gave the SS Jaguars a top speed in excess of 90 mph. In 1935 Jaguar produced their first true two seater sports car the SS90. It was based on a shortened S.S.1 chassis. Only 23 cars were made but it paved the way for the S.S.100 which started production the following year 


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SS 100 (1936-1939)

Jaguars first genuinely competitive sports car. In 4 years only 314 were built amazingly 245 are still in existence.


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SS Jaguar Saloon (1936-1939)

In 1936  and 1937 Jaguars still had wood framed bodies. It was not until 1938 that the company started using all steel construction techniques. Problems with the new process almost halved production in 1938. By the start of the war Jaguar had produced over 14,000 cars.

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MK IV (1946-1948)

After the war Jaguar started production of its pre-war cars. The SS100 was dropped from the range. The name SS was also dropped and the radiator badge read simply 'Jaguar'. The factory called them 1 1/2, 2 1/2 and 3 1/2 litre models, it was not until the introductio of the MK V in 1948 that these models became known as MK IV's

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Mk V(1948-1951)

The new Jaguar MKV was somewhat masked by the launch of the XK120 at the 1948 Earls court motor show. Although the MKV had a fairly traditional appearance with separate wings and running boards under the skin it had an all new chassis, hydraulic drum brakes and independent front suspension.

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