Modern Saloons
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XJ40.jpg (133704 bytes)

XJ40  (1986-1994 )

The long awaited replacement for the series 3 XJ6. The new model had an all new 3.6 litre engine with 4 valves per cylinder and was fitted with a new ZF four speed automatic. Later a more powerful 4.0 litre version was released and eventually in 1993 a V12 6.0Litre 301hp version.

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X300  (1995-1998 )

In 1995 the XJ40 was given a much needed facelift. Nearly all the panels where replaced and the result was a much better looking car. This was the first new model to be released under Ford ownership.


X308.jpg (404250 bytes)

XJ308   (1998-2003 )

Jaguars 4.0 litre V8 first seen in the XK8 was mated to a new five speed ZF transmission in the XJ8. Automatic Stability Control was standard.


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S Type (1999 - 2008 )

For Thirty years Jaguar had offered only one size sedan. The time had come to increase the range in an attempt to capture more of the market. The S type was named and somewhat styled in honour of the S Type model of the 1960's. The car was fitted with a 3.0 litre V6


xType.jpg (211614 bytes)

X Type (2002- Onwards)

The X type further expanded Jaguars range of sedans. The base model had a 2.5 Litre V6 derived from the S type engine. 


XJ8.jpg (216703 bytes)

X350 & X358   (2003-2009 )

All aluminium bodied update. Outer headlights larger than inner. Updated to X358 in 2008 with a lower grille and side air vents


XF.jpg (295890 bytes)

XF (2008- Onwards)

The S and X type Jaguars never sold as hoped and soon Jaguar was once again in Financial trouble. The XF was released to replace the aging S type just as Tata was bidding to buy Jaguar back from Ford. 


XJ4.jpg (584072 bytes)

X351 (2010- Onwards)

The long waited flagship saloon to replace the aging XJ. All hints of the original XJ are gone. Similar styling to the XF. 3 Litre diesel and V8 5 litre petrol models available with up to 375kW from the Supercharged model.


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