Large Saloons
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MK7.jpg (47724 bytes)

MKVII (1951-1956)

The first Jaguar saloon to get the legendary XK engine. A huge car largely aimed at the American market. Easily recognisable by the split windscreen

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MKVIII (1957-1958)

A chrome strip was added along the sides of the body, that formed a logical divider for two tone paint. The rear spats where cut out to show a little more of the Wheel. Veneered picnic tables where provided on the backs of the front seats and a one piece windscreen was fitted.

MKIX.jpg (46489 bytes)

MK IX (1958-1961)

Externally the MK IX is identical to the Mk VIII, only the name badge at the rear and the twin exhaust system distinguish the two. However under the skin the MK IX boasts an improved chassis, power steering and four wheel disc brakes as standard. An improved heater system made it necessary to fit twin 6 Volt batteries.

MK10.jpg (42606 bytes)

Mk X (1961-1968)

The widest Jaguar ever made - 76 inches! The ladder chassis of earlier cars was replaced with a new monocoque design. The engine was basically E-type spec as was the rear independent suspension. Inside there was an increased level of luxury. However the car was not a great success it was often described as 'bulbous'

DS420.jpg (34979 bytes)

DS420 (1968-1992)

Daimler Limousine version of the MK X. A huge car with extra fold down rear seats. Was produced in limited numbers until 1992. Allowing the XK engine to soldier on for 44 years.

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