Compact Saloons
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MK1_Jag.jpg (54210 bytes)

MK1 (1955-59) Originally referred to as the '2.4'

Jaguars first attempt at a monocoque body. Thick door frames a narrow rear end and full spats. 3.4 engine model added in 1957. The 2.4 was not exactly brimming with power but inside has a great old car feel.

MK2_Jag.jpg (43350 bytes)

MK II (1959-1967)

Window frames become chrome, more modern interior and rear axle widened. 3.8 Litre model also available. Four Wheel disc brakes became standard.

Stunning looks and performance (if not comfort) make the MK II The compact of choice for many people. This is reflected in todays high prices.

Stype.jpg (48152 bytes)

S-Type (1964-1968)

Basically a MK2 with the E-type independent rear end. Rear styling was never as popular as the well balanced MK2. But more luxurious and a little more spacious inside.

420.jpg (39799 bytes)

420 (1966-68)

The last derivative was given the latest 4.2 litre engine, 2" Carbs and a restyled front end which allowed for a much larger radiator and more under bonnet space. Equipped with variable ratio power steering and modern 3 piston brakes, the 420 was mechanically superior to all other compacts, but sadly the classic lines of the original design where further diluted.

240.jpg (31350 bytes)

240, 340 (1967-1968)

In 1966 Jaguar updated the model range and replaced the MK2 with the 240 and 340. The 3.8 litre engine was dropped and the remaining cars where cheapened by using ambla for the interior rather than leather. Thin bumpers where fitted to modernise the appearance. The engines received the straight port head which increased power output considerably on the 2.4 litre engine.


The Compact Daimlers

DaimV8.jpg (30700 bytes)

Daimler V8

After the takeover of Daimler, Jaguar released a Daimler version of the MK2. A Daimler 2.5 litre V8 engine was fitted and the interior was even more luxurious than that of the MK2.

Daimer_250.jpg (51701 bytes)

Daimler 250

In keeping with the later MK2 models the Daimler also changed its name and received the thinner more modern bumpers

Daim420.jpg (49690 bytes)

Daimler Sovereign

Perhaps the ultimate small Saloon. A Daimler version of the 420 was fitted with every possible extra. The last compact to be produced finally ending production in mid '69

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