Workshop Manuals
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Title  Year Covered Type Publisher Publisher Number Published
Manuals - Early up to 1986          
Jaguar MK VII,VIII, IX & XK120,140,150  1951-1961 Workshop Manual Scientific Pub. No.21 1965
Jaguar Mark VII & XK120   Service Manual Jaguar    
Jaguar Saloons MK1, MK2, 240, 340 2.4,3.4 & 3.8 1955-1969 Owners Workshop Manual Haynes 98 1973
Jaguar MK1, MK2 1955-1969 Owners Workshop Manual Autobooks  OWM795 1977
Jaguar MK2 Models 2.4,3.4,3.8 1959-1969 Service Manual Jaguar E121/7 Edition 4  
Jaguar 3.8 'E' Type Grand Touring Models   Service Manual Jaguar E/123/8  
Jaguar 3.8 MK 10   Service Manual Jaguar E.125/3 Edition 2  
Daimler Sovereign (420) 1966-1969 Service Manual Daimler E.1012/1  
Jaguar Daimler XJ6/XJ & Sovereign Series 1,2 &3 2.8,3.4 & 4.2 6 Cyl 1968-1986 Owners Workshop Manual Haynes 242 1987
Jaguar Daimler XJS/XJ12/Sovereign V12 1972-1988 Owners Workshop Manual Haynes 478 1988
Jaguar XJ12, Daimler Double Six    Repair Operation Manual Jaguar E190/4 1979
Jaguar XJS    Repair Operation Manual Jaguar AKM3455 1975
Jaguar XJS HE Supplement to the Repair and Operational Manual   Supplement Jaguar AKM3455/S1 1982
Jaguar Series 3 1979-1988 Service Manual Jaguar AKM9600 Edition 2 1985
Jaguar Mark V Models    Spare Parts Catalogue Jaguar J.7 1958
Jaguar Mark V Models (Second Copy)   Spare Parts Catalogue Jaguar J.7 1958
Jaguar 2.4 (MK1) 1955-1959 Spare Parts Catalogue Jaguar J.26 1959
Jaguar XK150 and XK150'S'  (Loose sheets no folder)   Spare Parts Catalogue Jaguar j.29/1 1960
Daimler 2.5 Litre V8 Saloon   Spare Parts Catalogue Daimler D.4 1963
Jaguar MK2 3.4 & 3.8   Spare Parts Catalogue Jaguar J.34 1964
Jaguar MK2  2.4   Spare Parts Catalogue Jaguar J.33 1964
Jaguar 'S' Type   Spare Parts Catalogue Jaguar J.35 1964
Jaguar 4.2 'E' Type    Spare Parts Catalogue Jaguar J.37 1965
Jaguar XJ6   Illustrated Parts Catalogue Jaguar JC89 1972
Jaguar XJ6 Series Two / Daimler Sovereign Series Two   Parts Catalogue Jaguar RTC 9097C 1977
Manuals Modern 1987 (XJ40) onwards          
AJ16 Engine Service Manual     Jaguar   1994
Powertrain Automatic Transmission Service Manual         1994
ZF Automatic Transmission Service Manual         1994
XJ6 - XJ12 Electrical  Diagnostic Manual Volume 3 1995- Diagnostics Jaguar X300 EDM 1994
3.2,4.0,6.0 Sedan Predelivery Inspection Manual          1995
V12 Engine Service Manual         1995
XJ6 - XJ12 Electrical  Diagnostic Manual Volume 1 1995- Diagnostics Jaguar JJM 10 04 12/50 1995
Jaguar XJ6/12  X300 1995- Service Manual Jaguar    
XK8 Diagnostics and Test Manual, AJ-V8 Engine, 5HP24 Transmission & XK8 Technical Guide introduction 1996- Diagnostics Jaguar    
XK8 Workshop Manual 1996-   Jaguar    
XK8 Predelivery inspection Manual/Repair Operation Times 1996-   Jaguar    
Jaguar XK8 Range Electrical Guide Figures          
XJS AJ16 Generic Engine Management System 1995-   Jaguar    
Saloon 2.9,3.2,3.6,4.0,6.0 Warranty Codes     Jaguar JJM 10 06 05/32 1992
JRA Quick Reference Guide     Jaguar   1995
Six Digit Warranty Code Book Vol 1 A-M      Jaguar   1996
Six Digit Warranty Code Book Vol 2 N-Z      Jaguar   1996
Experience in a Book - Help for the XJS Owner     Kirby Palm   1996
The XJ6 Jaguar from Bumper to Bumper 1968-1987   Jim Isbell   1996
Australian Council of Jaguar Clubs - National Rally manual     ACJC   2020
Jaguar Road Tests - Book of reprinted road tests   Road Tests Road & Track   1951-76
X300 Quick Reference Smash Guide     Jaguar    
Jaguar Environmental Control System - Series II and XJS   Service Product Training Jaguar    
Jaguar Road Tests - Green Folder of reprinted road tests   Road Tests Road & Track    
Phoenix Engineering International Ltd Jaguar E type Parts Catalog   Catalog      
Jaguar XJ6/12 Series 3 brochure (4 Copies) 1983 Brouchure Jaguar    
SU Carburettor Data Sheets - Jaguar Models 1948-1960 Data Sheets SU    
XKs Unlimited Parts Catalog 1948 -  Catalog      
Tools (Jan 2017)          

Snap-On timing light Model MT 1241
Crankshaft rear seal sizing tool for XK(6) and V12 engines
Radius Arm bush removal tools (4 pieces) Churchill Brand for small and large bushes
As above but homemade 4 pieces
Oil pressure gauge with extended hose and fitting for oil gallery ABW brand
Rear hub puller (4 pieces)
Radiator shroud fibreglass mould for Mark II
Kincrome Dial Indicator Imperial 0 1 x 0.001
XJ8 tools for timing chain and tensioner work
Valve timing setting gauge for AJ6 and AJ16 engine
Small 3 legged puller Nubo British Made
XK engine top chain tensioner tool
AJ6, AJ16 engines temporary timing chain tensioner tool
AJ6, AJ16 dummy alignment studs for refitting head 4 piece
Oil extractor for engine and transmissions Pela Brand
10 tonne hydraulic puller set with 4, 6 and 8 legs
V12 engine timing chain tensioner setting tool
Engine support for engine bay use, adjustable width suits Series I, II, III and some other models
Fuel tank filler extractor tool for original XJ series cars
Sealey Brake and Clutch Bleeding system
Valve spring compressor
Front spring compressor 12 pieces including 4 guide studs
OBD II program for Jaguar models 1990's tp early 2000's with Panasonic Tough Books laptop
Sealed gearbox oil filler /extractor air operated
XJ8front bearing removal / refitting tool
Drilling jig to drill fluid gallery between brake calliper piston bores Volvo/Mk2 modification

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